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Most of the time I don't have a clue what I am doing,.. Following in my foot steps is often a bad idea.

Nothing on these pages should be taken as fact! These project notes are simply observations through experimentation.

Photography Robotica Other

Burning Man

Pyrot Island
  • Burning Man 2000 (soon)
Coffee Camp
  • Propane Fire Pitt (Soon)
  • EL Wire Sign (Soon)

I don't generally do instructibles, but I do some times comment or add to ones that are already there, these links represent valuable comments or additions I have made. See comments for my posts.




Critters (Battle Robots)
Parts Testing
Joint Effort Projects
Jen P
  • Healing Lights

Vehicle / Boating
Toys Solar Power Tool Drag Race

Geodesic Domes

Why not?

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